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Ok, I got it
Although Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury broke up, they remained friends until his death.
Above: Mary Austin sitting next to Freddie Mercury, circa 1980.
Right: Mary Austin and Pete Brown.
1984 - Freddie Mercury 38th birthday party, held at Xenon nightclub, London. Pics by Richard Young.
1985 - Freddie's 39th birthday party in Munich.
1985 - November - Unknown event
1986 - Freddie's 40th birthday party.
1986 - unknown events
1986 - July - Roof Gardens, London.
Various pics from mid 80s.
1987 - Freddie and Mary attending at Ivor Novello Music Awards.
1987 - Ibiza (Spain) - Freddie and Mary with cosmonaut Dave Clack
Various late 80s pics
1989 - Freddie and Mary
Right: Freddie's 43 birthday party.